Give Ozarks Day May 3rd!

Lighthouse is participating in Give Ozarks Day to raise money for families in need. Consider partnering with us by donating at on May 3rd.

Want to do more? Get involved by printing off an attached flyer and posting at your office or church to get the word out:

GiveFlyer-No Background

GiveFlyer-With Background

OUR GOAL: Raise $5,000 for a Family Assistance Fund for families in poverty and/or are in a crisis situation.

Helping Families Out of Poverty: For families in poverty that are starting a new job, Lighthouse would like to provide funding for work-related items for families at their centers, such as boots, uniforms, and other things a family need to begin a new position. Lighthouse would also like to fund the initial enrollment fee and the first few weeks of tuition for families. For families that are starting a new position, but need childcare, it may be difficult to pay for care before receiving the first employment check. This funding would not only help remedy this issue, but also allows the possibility to extend the assistance to help families catch up on past due bills, while working with a case manager to develop a plan for long-term stability.

Aiding in Crisis: This funding would also be able to be utilized by Lighthouse families for crisis situations, such as assisting with medical expenses, providing food for a family, or covering tuition costs due to an unexpected emergency. A Lighthouse case manager would also work with the family to help them through their crisis situation.

By providing financial assistance to families in times of need, Lighthouse serves to strengthen families to get them out of or prevent them from returning to difficult situations in their lives. For families in poverty or on the verge of poverty, one crisis can set them back in a downward spiral of past due bills and inability to support their family.

Please consider donating on May 3rd so that together we can assist and strengthen these families, and therefore, strengthen our community.

For more information, please call 417-873-3029 or e-mail We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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